Our Method

Whether the project is a front porch rebuild or a ground-up multi-building compound, Eberhardt Builders, Inc. is able to turn client’s plans into their vision. Eberhardt knows that customer satisfaction is highly correlated to the attention to details that has become his hallmark.

This holistic approach to construction means that Eberhardt takes the time to study the client’s existing plans or analyze drawings of his own so that, in his own words, “by the time the first bucket of dirt is dug I’ve built the building three times in my head”!

Casey’s process entails working closely with architects and surrounding himself with subcontractors with many years of experience and lots of knowledge to give. His own vast knowledge of products allows Casey to weigh various alternatives in order to serve both budgetary needs and to produce quality results.

Eberhardt Builders knows that the key to success in any project is communication. The first tier is between client, architect, and builders; equally important to client satisfaction is the quality of communication between craftsman/worker, subcontractor, if one is involved, and, again the builder.

Casey is an excellent listener/communicator. He knows each client’s wants and needs are unique. He also knows there will always be small speed bumps along any building journey. Eberhardt Builders, Inc. strives to provide a stress-free process that results in a beautiful structure and an enduring relationship between owner and builder.

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